Many online guitar courses for beginners skip the “beginner” parts.

Lesson 1: Handling and holding the guitar.  If you’re a total beginner handling a guitar for the first time you should have an understanding of how to properly handle and hold a guitar, before you actually handle the guitar (especially if the first guitar you handle happens to be a valuable heirloom or expensive gift).  Lesson one  should go into descriptive and pictorial detail and should include frontal and side photos as well as photos from above.  Proper handling should also include proper, safe methods to store the guitar once you’re done handling or playing it.

Lesson 2: Locate all the strings without the need to look. Once you’ve figured out how to hold the guitar, you need to discover each individual string (by instinct, not by sight).   While most show how to hold a pick, most jump right into tuning, strumming or chords.  Total beginners, IMO, should first become familiar with the location of each string on the guitar without the need to “eyeball.”

Once you learn where each string is located, move on to notes and chords.