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Beginner Online Guitar Training

Many online guitar courses for beginners skip the “beginner” parts. Lesson 1: Handling and holding the guitar.  If you’re a total beginner handling a guitar for the first time you should have an understanding of how to properly handle and… Continue Reading →

Nut, Frets, Bridge, Truss Rod, Intonation …..

All terms apply to a guitar. They say you’re never to old to take up a new hobby, so I decided to attempt acoustic guitar.  My first exercise: research (terminology, beginner instruments and sources for same and online instruction and… Continue Reading →

13 Gear Combinations On My 21-Speed Bike?

“Chain strain” The term I use to describe excessive deflection of the chain when gear combinations exceed the recommended offsets. My 21-speed bike has a 3 x 7 gear combination.  (3 cogs on the front sprocket, 7 cogs on the… Continue Reading →

It IS Possible To Trap An Armadillo

If you don’t live in an area where armadillos are members of your habitat, you cannot understand their impact on your environment.  One armadillo can damage a significant portion of your lawn and surrounding property.  Multiple armadillo’s compound the damage…. Continue Reading →

Finally. Wifi Working On Inspiron 1150 w/Linux Mint

Problem: No wifi. I installed Linux Mint on an unused Dell Inspiron 1150 but on numerous occasions searching the internet and finding no workable solution to getting the wifi working, I put it back on the shelf. Did I say,… Continue Reading →

Motorcycle Lacks Power At Higher Speeds

I have owned several (actually, quite a few) motorcycles in my lifetime, the most-recent a 2009 Yamaha VStar 1300 Cruiser, the subject of this anomaly. I generally do all my own periodic maintenance and shy away from dealers unless the… Continue Reading →

Clever Use Of Notes Field in Google Contacts

Using Google Contacts for storing personal information allows the entries to be synced to all your devices; computer browser, netbook, tablet and phone. Input information on any of your devices and it shows up on ALL your devices. In addition,… Continue Reading →

My First Experience With This Type Of Spark Plug Fail

I’ve seen spark plugs with a cracked insulators and open conductors. But it took me a little while to isolate the problem with my Hitachi gas blower. I’ve had the blower for several years. It has been a workhorse. It… Continue Reading →

New Use For Fence Tool – Bike Cable Cutter

No need to purchase a special tool if you’re replacing or repairing the brake or shifting cables on your bike. I can confirm that my fence tool made a really clean cut on the steel cables. Of course, if you… Continue Reading →

Anyone Else See Multiple Red Dots?

Three dots, four dots, maybe more when viewing the dot of your laser site. Definitely not that crisp, single dot that all the advertising literature describes. But wait! Just before I was going to pack up the laser and send… Continue Reading →

Pseudo-Arduino for IOT (Internet of Things)

I have tinkered with Arduino in the past. While not an accomplished C programmer, I can fumble my way through it. I stumbled upon this “pseudo-Arduino” project board while trying to configure an Arduino to connect to IOT. I found… Continue Reading →

House Cleaning – I Don’t Need All These URL’s

Anyone else had grand ideas for the next “big thing” on the internet? I just decided that someone else can spend the time and effort to use one of these super URL’s to become the next Amazon. If you’re interested,… Continue Reading →

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