Obtaining a new customer is the greatest challenge of a business.  Existing customers have a significant influence on the continued success or failure of a business. A dissatisfied customer tends to spread their dissatisfaction whereas a satisfied customer tends to remain silent.  Whenever dealing with customers, remember:

“One ‘aw-shit’ wipes out ten ‘atta-boy’s'”

So how do we accumulate more “atta-boy’s” (and avoid “aw-shit’s”)?  Everyone in a business has influence on customer management, whether directly or indirectly.  Below are a few tips every employee can use to accumulate more “atta-boy’s.”

  • Personal contact
    Maintain eye contact
    If applicable, memorize the customer’s first name
    (and address the customer by their first name)
    Be on-time for appointments; call if there will be a delay
  • Phone
    Avoid voicemail or answering machines whenever possible (utilize call forwarding)
    Speak coherently
  • E Mail
    Use text formatting
    Do not yell (Yelling=ALL CAPS)
    Send attachments in a format known to be usable by the recipient
    (If in doubt, send only pdf or text attachments)
    Content awareness (include only content that is “business-appropriate”)
    Spell check before clicking Send
  • Follow-Up
    Return calls promptly
    Timely reply to commitments